Help us fill Emily’s Pot of Gold during the 2015 Emily’s Rainbow Run and Family Walk on April 19, 2015, benefiting Pediatric Cancer Research at Rainbow Babies and Children’s Hospital. Our goal this year is to raise $25,000. Since Emily’s Rainbow Fund was founded in February 2007, $140,000 has been donated to help cure childhood cancer and better the lives of children living with cancer. We need your support more than ever to make this happen.

We also tip our hat to our Pledge Program prize sponsors that made all of our prizes possible. Click here for our sponsorship page.
Thank you to our Pledge Program participants and all of their donors for helping us grow the pot of gold for pediatric cancer research!


Emily’s Rainbow Run Pot of Gold Pledge Program Details

Two ways to solicit and track donations

You can help fill Emily’s Pot of Gold through our Pot of Gold Pledge Program. Here’s how it works:

Option 1: Click on the link below to print a collection sheet and start asking family, friends, co-workers and neighbors to make a donation to Emily’s Rainbow Fund.

Collection Sheet

Option 2: Click on the link below to set up your own web page. Powered by, the site you create is a secure, easy to use tool for asking your family, friends, co-workers and neighbors for donations. Simply following the prompts to personalize your web page, send out emails and add a link to your Facebook page.


Prizes and Eligibility

Whether you collect donations via the Pledge Program donation sheet or by creating your own web page, Pot of Gold Pledge Program participants are eligible for special prizes. Pledge Program Prize will be awarded at the following levels:

  • Raise $100-$199, receive a sleeve of raffle tickets and a special recognition prize
  • Raise $200 - $249 and receive two sleeves of raffle tickets, a Emily’s Rainbow Fund special recognition draw string bag
  • Raise $250 or more and receive two sleeves of raffle tickets and a special Emily’s Rainbow Fund embroidered tote bag
  • Bring donations and your online report or collection sheet to the Pledge Program table at package pick up on Saturday, April 18 at St. Ladislas Church (2345 Bassett Rd, Westlake) from 9am-12:30 pm or at race day from 7-7:30 am at Westlake High School track
  • To be eligible for Pledge Program prizes, all donations and online reports or collection sheets must be turned in by the race day
  • Please make checks payable to “Emily’s Rainbow Fund”. Rainbow Babies & Children’s Hospital non-profit tax ID number is 34-1567805.

If you have any questions about the Pledge Program, please contact us at or 440-892-7855.


Debbie Lewis congratulates Paul Nebraska who raised the greatest amount of funds during the 2010 Pot of Gold Pledge Program drive. He and his family enjoyed a grand prize of a luxury loge at a Cleveland Indians game.


Why participate in Emily’s Pot of Gold Pledge Program?

It’s about saving children’s lives and improving their quality of life. Government funding for pediatric cancer research and treatment is extremely limited. Most money is privately raised through events like this. Every day 46 more children are diagnosed with cancer. Cancer is the number one cause of death by disease for children. More children die from cancer then asthma, diabetes, cystic fibrosis, congenital anomalies and AIDS combined. Your help in raising funds for research is critical. Thank you for being generous!


Childhood Cancer Facts

  • There are 15 children diagnosed with cancer for every one child diagnosed with pediatric AIDS. Yet, the U.S. invests approximately $595,000 for research per victim of pediatric AIDS and only $20,000 for each victim of childhood cancer.
  • The National Cancer Institute’s (NCI) federal budget was $4.6 billion. Of that, breast cancer received 12%, prostate cancer received 7%, and all 12 major groups of pediatric cancers combined received less than 3%.
  • The American Cancer spends less than 70 cents of each 100 dollars raised on childhood cancer.
  • Cancer kills more children than any other disease, more than Asthma, Cystic Fibrosis, Diabetes and Pediatric AIDS combined.
  • Sadly, over 2,300 children with cancer die each year.
  • Every school day 46 children are diagnosed.
  • 1 in 330 children will have the disease by age 20.
  • Cancers in very young children are highly aggressive and behave unlike malignant diseases at other times in life.
  • 80% of children have metastasized cancer at the time of their diagnosis. At diagnosis, only 20% of adults with cancer show evidence that the disease has spread or metastasized.
  • Detecting childhood cancers at an early stage, when the disease would react more favorably to treatment, is extremely difficult.
  • Cancer symptoms in children – fever, swollen glands, anemia, bruises and infection – are often suspected to be, and at the early stages are treated as, other childhood illnesses.
  • Even with insurance coverage, a family will have out-of pocket expenses of about $40,000 per year, not including travel.
  • Treatment can continue for several years, depending on the type of cancer and the type of therapy given.


Have prizes to donate or want to become a sponsor?

If you are interested in:


Things to think about when fundraising!

  • Start now!
  • Educate donors about the mission of Emily’s Rainbow Fund: to fund pediatric cancer research and better the lives of children living with cancer.
  • Share Emily’s story with your donors; her courageous battle against cancer and her unwavering commitment to helping other children living with cancer.
  • Why donate? Because funding for pediatric cancer research and treatment is very limited. Most funding is privately raised.
  • Spread the word…. send an email, a text, post on Facebook or tweet about your fundraising efforts! Even send some snail mail! Visit our website for a sample donation letter and email request. Make sure donors realize how easy it is to give online. An automatic email confirmation with tax deductible information is sent directly to them.
  • Host a fundraising event like a garage sale, a bake sale or a social function at your home. Host a jeans day at work.
  • Ask BIG before going small. Set a goal and tell donors about it.
  • Remember to thank your donors.
  • Ask, ask, ask. Be positive and stay motivated. Remember, the kids fighting childhood cancer are counting on your help!